The American Modern Connected Home Program is being deployed in phases and is currently only available to: Homeowners Flex Policyholders residing in Ohio. Policyholders will be given the device discount after the Check Eligibility confirmation. Once the device is received and installed, contact your Agent or Customer Service 1-800-543-2644 to activate policy premium discounts.

While device discounts are currently limited to Illinois, The HomeOwners Flex Policy Premium Discount is active in several states. If you already have a water protection device or purchase outside of the program you may still be eligible for a Policy Premium Discount, please contact your Agent for details… and Stay Tuned for more information on the Connected Home Program.

Dry is better.

Little leaks can lead to a lot of damage, causing an average of more than $10,000* in losses—and, of course, a flood of headaches and hassles for homeowners.

That’s why we’re launching the American Modern® Connected Home Program; helping eligible and enrolled policyholders save their homes from water damage with SmartHome technologies, and they could save on their insurance bill through discounts, too!

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Introducing American Modern's Connected Home Program.

At American Modern, we’re always looking for new and innovative solutions to protect and reward customers. Through the Connected Home Program, we are committed to help customers limit loss and disruption by leveraging Smart Home technologies.


Here’s How You Win Over Water

With an average loss of more than $10,000 per incident, water damage can be devastating. But through partnerships with technology providers, we want to help you limit loss through the detection of leaks before they become disasters. These partners are making available detection devices (many are compatible with your existing Smart Home technologies and assistants!) that are designed to help keep your home dry—and your wallet full. If your home isn’t yet smart, this program provides a great opportunity to get started protecting your house with both device discounts and policy premium discounts.


Device Discounts

Our partnerships let you choose the best devices and solutions for your situation. Many of these partners are offering discounts to eligible American Modern policyholders, too.


Policy Premium Discounts

In addition to device discounts, American Modern is offering policy premiums discounts to eligible Homeowners FLEX® policyholders who purchase and install one of these solutions through this program. Discounts are tiered and depend on the type of device chosen.


Connecting the Home

The Water Detection Program is currently available on a limited basis, with plans to expand to other policy types and other states. And water and leak detection is just the beginning of the American Modern Connected Home program: Stay tuned as we launch more capabilities.